Off the Sideline, into the Helpline!

130521155230-one-time-use---ap-oklahoma-city-school-story-topI was watching CNN this morning and caught the tail end of an interview Chris Cuomo did with a victim of the tornado. She told Chris that when friends ask what they can do, she tells them  friends to send gift cards. I got to thinking, I could do that too, who says I have to know that lady?

Then I realized I could get off the sidelines and help more than that, I could use my Turner discount on Sears cards to really help. You see, Turner employees are are able to buy Sears cards at .85 on the dollar.

These poor people souls have entires lives that need to be rebuilt. Let’s join together and help them.

Here’s my plan: You go buy a gift card to someplace universal like Sears, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Home Depot or Sears. Pass it to me. Or, pass me money that I will use to buy Sears cards using my discount.

I will ship the gift cards to the big church in Moore that has been reported as the epicenter of support there. Contact me at this email, (for those that know me, you know this is not my main email but I’m using it to avoid spam on my most used account) or on my main account if you have it, and we can coordinate.

It’s a cliche but very true: together, we can make a real difference in the lives of many.



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